Mission : Transform Connecticut's Maternity Care

Connecticut currently holds a cesarean section rate of 34.6% which is higher than the national average of 31.8% as of 2007, which is still extremely high compared to the 10-15% recommended by The World Health Organization. Along with the high cesarean rates, there are other issues such as unnecessary episiotomies, and limited pushing positions while birthing. All which have scientific evidence showing common hospital practices are not helping, but in fact hurting the birth process. 

The goal is to help re-educate providers and hospital staff with evidence based care as per The World Health Organization, as well as the goals of the 2010 Worst to first campaign. 

Upcoming Events!

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday, April 10th at 2:00 pm at the Panera Bread Co.which is located at 228 S. Main st. in Newtown (route 25). If you would like to attend this meeting, please contact Connecticut Worst to First.

Hope to see you there!

Our Goals

The goals of Connecticut Worst to First is to help improve Connecticut's maternity care by lowering the rates of cesarean, episiotomy and other interventions for the year 2010, in each hospital state wide.

We also advocate alternative birthing positions other than the classic lithotomy position.

Contacting Us

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